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Special offer for software development companies

The world is changing rapidly and digital technology plays an important role in this. Due to the high demand for software, it is difficult for various countries to find the right developers. These parties are therefore increasingly looking beyond the borders to find a reliable supplier there. In many cases, the software is developed remotely. Remote 42 helps software development companies to make their company remote friendly.

Software development can be difficult for customers who have little experience with it. Doing this remotely also adds an extra layer of complexity. Remote 42 helps with this by removing the barriers of remote working. For example, we verify the software company for the customer so that they know for sure that they can work together remotely in a reliable and secure way. This ensures that you as software companies can do business with new customers sooner.

In addition, we assist software customers with advice. We are regularly approached with the question which software suppliers are a good party to work with. In these cases Remote 42 advises the customer by introducing different software companies. If your software company is also certified, we will present your organization to customers who are looking for a suitable software development company.

Due to the high demand for software companies that can collaborate remotely, we offer these software companies a 15% discount on our certification (valid until the end of 2021). For more information about certification, see the ‘Get certified’ page.

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