For Clients

If a company has received a Remote 42 badge and certificate, this means that the company has successfully passed our screening procedure. We
consider the company remote friendly.

We check various points such as virus scanners, internet speed, language, software that is used, cooperation procedures, chamber of commerce registration and many others. By thoroughly checking all these points, we get a good picture of whether the supplier can work remotely.

See if the company has a Remote 42 badge and certificate. In addition, we advise to pay in milestones for remote projects. You only pay a part if the work is delivered correctly. In addition, it is wise to read the general terms and conditions and draw up a clear agreement before you get started.

For suppliers

If this requested information is shared in time, the certification process will take 2 weeks. Within these 2 weeks you will receive the certificate, the
badge and the unique verification ID.

With a certification from Remote 42 you show that you take remote projects seriously. You give customers extra security to do remote business with
you. In this way we stimulate to close more deals.

For freelancers 25 euros per month, startups 35 euros per month and for organizations 45 euros per month. A certificate is valid for as long the subscription runs.

You can use the badge for all communication such as your website, sales documentation, social media, campaigns, blogs and more.

Send an email to info@remote42.org and we will contact you as soon as possible.