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Why Remote 42 exist

It can be exciting for customers to start a remote project. In some cases, they have never seen your company in real life and have not worked with you before. You don’t just start a remote project.

Our solution

We verify the remote working standards of freelancers and organizations. If they pass the verification they will get an official certificate. This gives customers more trust and security to do remote business. On average you can expect a 12,8% increase in remote clients, 25% increase in trustworthiness and a 34% increase in credibility.

What you will get

By verifying your company, you show customers that you are a reliable party. This creates more trust and ensures that a remote project is started earlier. After being certified you will get a badge, certificate and promotion package which you can all share with potential future clients. The main purpose of this verification is that you will do more remote projects. You can use this certification in all your communication including the website, social media, sales documentation and more.

Our verification process

The certification process takes 1 week. If your company scores sufficiently on the various assessment points, the certificate is awarded. Within 1 week you will receive all documentation, the badge, certificate and promotional package.

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