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Everything you need to know about our verification

If you want to start a remote project, it can be difficult to choose the right supplier. For example, how do you know that you are doing business with a reliable party if you have never seen the company in real life? Remote 42 responds to this by verifying suppliers’ remote working standards. In this article we explain what our verification process looks like so that you know better what a certification entails.

Companies that collaborate remotely can submit a request to Remote 42 to verify their working standards. As soon as we have received a request, we will assess the application on various assessment points within 2 weeks. When a company has successfully completed the verification process, they receive a badge, certificate and unique verification ID. This allows them to show that they have been verified.

Our verification process takes 2 weeks and during this process we look at several points. The most important thing is to find out whether the company is well able to collaborate remotely and that they can deliver their product or service.

Remote 42 looks at various points, such as a check of the company data, including registration at the Chamber of Commerce, verifying the business bank account and the address. We also look at how a company works together. What times do they work? What software tools do they use? Is everything up to date? What is the internet speed and stability? And what about cyber security? In addition, there are many other points that we check.

When all points have been checked, we consider whether a certificate will be issued. As soon as a certificate is issued, we consider the company to be remote friendly. This means that we believe that the company is well able to start a remote project. You can recognize the verified companies by the badge and certificate with a unique code. You can check the unique code on our website to ensure that the company has a valid certificate.

Do you want to know more about our verification process? Or do you want to have your company certified? Please contact us at

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