About Remote 42

Increasing the number of remote projects. That's our goal.

We at Remote 42 believe in remote projects. By looking across borders on a global level, you have access to all possibilities. This is possible thanks to remote collaboration. We specialize in projects that are developed remotely.

Remote collaboration offers many advantages, but there are also a number of challenges that must be overcome. This is where Remote 42 comes into play. We ensure that customers and suppliers can work together in a safe and reliable manner. Regardless of the distance.

We verify the suppliers and see whether they can work remotely in the correct way. If this verification is successfully completed, the company will receive a license. This quality mark gives customers extra security when they do remote business. Can’t they figure it out together? Then Remote 42 will assist them with advice.

Do you want to start a remote project? Or do you want to be verified as a company? Then you can count on our support. Let’s start making the world your playing field together.

Get to know more about Remote 42

We are a 2 sided platform. On the one hand we help suppliers and on the other hand we help customers. Our goal is that remote projects can be carried out safely and reliably for both parties.

We believe in the power of remote working. That is why Remote 42 is a remote first company. This means that we do almost everything remotely from our office in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

For example, we work together with various people and organizations worldwide to realize our mission. Curious how we do that? Schedule an online meeting with us.