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Benefits of being certified

Remote 42 aims to increase the number of remote projects. We do this by increasing security and reliability between both parties. For example, we check suppliers on their remote working standards and if this audit has been successfully completed, we certify the company. But why should you get certified as a company? In this article we explain the advantages of a certification.

Increase trust & credibility
You can build trust and credibility in different ways. If you mainly want to attract new remote customers, this can be difficult if you never see each other in real life. Remote 42 acts as the third independent party that verifies the company against the remote working standards. If you have successfully completed the certification process as a company, you will receive a badge, certificate and unique verification code. Research shows that this increases trust and credibility towards customers.

Show that you are a professional partner
As a company you want to provide a good service or product to your customers. However, this is not always visible to customers. By having your company certified, after which you subsequently receive the certificate, you can communicate to future customers that you approach remote working professionally. As a result, customers will be more inclined to do remote business with you.

Strong sales argument
Your sales & marketing team does everything it can to attract new customers. Doing this is through your company’s value proposition. With a certification from Remote 42 you can help your sales & marketing team by offering an extra sales argument, namely doing remote business safely. In a world that is becoming more and more global and where remote projects are becoming more common, your company will be one step ahead of the competition by being certified.

Increase the number of remote projects
Remote 42 aims to increase the number of remote projects. We do this through our certification. Based on a 1-year study, it has been found that the number of remote projects of companies that are certified increases by 12.8%. In addition, it increases your trustworthiness by 25% and credibility by 34% when it comes to starting new remote projects.

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